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-1.Do we have to make reservation before the trip date ? 
Yes , at least 1 day before the trip date you need to make reservation . 

-2.Do we have to inform you for our passport details for the reservation ?
Yes , we need to get your passport details ( name , surname , date of birth , nationality , passport number and sex ) during the reservation to prepare the passanger lists .

-3.How long does the journey takes between Marmaris and Rhodes ?
The journey takes about 1 hour according to the weather conditions .

-4.How long will we stay in Rhodes if we go for a day trip ? 
You will have 6 hours to visit Rhodes in a one day trip . 

-5.At what time do we have to be at the port for the passport control ? 
You have to be at the port at least 1 hour before the departure time for the C-in and passport control .

-6.Can we go to Rhodes by our vehicle ? 
Yes , we have car ferry service once a week in the summer season ( 01 May – 31 Oct ) .It runs every Monday and Friday . The journey takes about 2,5 hours by car ferry . Departure from Marmaris is 16:45 and departure from Rhodes is 09: 00 pm . It is not convenient for the one day trip to Rhodes . 

-7.Is there any guided tour in Rhodes Island ?
Yes , you can contact on the board to get guided tour in Rhodes . It is not included in the ticket price , but can be bought on the board . 

-8.Is there any seat number on the tickets ? 
No , you can sit available seats . 

-9. Is there anywhere that we can buy food and drink on the boat ?
Yes , we have bar on the boat that you can find all kind of drinks , cips and chocolates . Prices are fare .

-10.Is there any limit for the luggages on the boat ? 
No , there is not ant limit for the personal luggages . But if there is any cargo with the client , it should be declared . 

-11.Can I transport any cargo between Marmaris and Rhodes ?
Yes , you can . Please contact for the other details .


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